About Lisa

One of my favorite parts of going to Disney World has always been planning my outfits- but what do I do with my Disney tees the other 350 days a year?

If you’re anything like me, half your closet is filled with Disney tees, sweatshirts, and accessories. Even as a Disney World Annual Passholder, I did not get enough time in the parks to get enough use out of all of my Disney apparel since I live in New Jersey and only make it down there a few times a year. Yet, I continued to keep buying because who can resist anything with Mickey on it?

I started adding my Disney wear to every day outfits- without it being over the top and in your face Disney. I started by adding a muted Mickey tee under a blazer or carrying a hand bag with ears on it. It has almost become a game for me, finding ways to wear all these pieces of park outfits that usually get shoved to the back of the closet when I’m not on my way to Disney. I hope that by sharing some of these outfits that I can inspire you to give your Disney apparel the time and attention they deserve!

Along with outfit inspiration, I’m going to share with you park tips, reviews, and stories to help you plan your next Disney trip- or at least hold you over until you can get back there! With that being said, please let me know what you want see! Maybe you have a Disney accessory that you just can’t figure out how to wear or perhaps you are 190 days away from your next Disney World vacation and have to book your ADR’s next week but are unsure where you should go. I would love to show you how to incorporate that Ariel necklace into your outfit for dinner Friday night or share my review of Boma if that is a restaurant you were thinking of trying.

So, make sure to either post your questions or suggestions below or send me an email to DreamAlongWithLisa@gmail.com

I can’t wait to hear from you and to share my love of Disney and fashion with each and every blog post!